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Merry meet and merry part.........

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February 25th, 2006

03:40 pm
Hm.........so I found out something VERY interesting while talking to my ex (the one before Preston).

Turns out that while I was living with Preston and his mom, Walter tried to call me a few times to talk to me, and Preston told him I didn't live there. Nice. Well, I was pretty pissed when I heard that, considering that if Walter had talked to me while I was there, I would have left Preston in a heartbeat. No hesitation. I'm sure Preston knew that, which was why he did what he did, but still.......that's wrong, keeping someone's calls from them then acting all high and mighty like he'd never done anything wrong; it wasn't that he hadn't, he just hadn't gotten caught. Which to him, it's just as well. Whatever. Bastard. So glad he and I are over....biggest mistake of my LIFE.

::yawn:: 20 more days till I get married!!!!!!!!! It's kinda crazy. We have an apartment in Cape Coral off of Coronado, and it is NICE. Two bed, two bath, dishwasher, pool, tiled floors.....hell yes. I am excited. Anyhow.........

Kat, we need to get together and utilize that damn garage of yours. Shit........perfect spot!
Gonna go buy sidewalk chalk.



I may also go buy a laptop today. Just cuz I want one.


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January 28th, 2006

05:41 pm
Opening Credits: "You Gotta Be"- Des'ree
Waking-up scene:
Average-day scene:
Best-friend scene: "Friend's" theme- The Remembrandts
First-date scene:
Falling-in-love scene:
Love scene: "Iris"- GooGoo Dolls
Sultry sex scene- "Black Velvet"- Melissa Etheridge
Fight-with-friend scene:
Break-up scene:
Get-back-together scene:
"Life's okay" scene: "Felt Like a Lifetime"- Better Than Ezra
Heartbreak scene:
Mental-breakdown scene: "Going Under"- Evanescence
Driving scene: "Affirmation"- Savage Garden
Lesson-learning scene:
Deep-thought scene: "Movin' On"- Good Charlotte
Flashback scene: "Here's To The Night"- Eve 6
Party scene:
Happy dance scene:
Feeling Attractive scene- "Beautiful Soul"- Jesse McCartney
Regret scene:
Melencholy scene: "I Don't Wanna Wait"- Dawson's Creek Theme
Long-night-alone scene: "Come To My Window"- Melissa Etheridge
Death scene: "Bring Me To Life"- Evanescence (RIP DJ and Alex)
Closing credits:

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January 4th, 2006

11:14 pm
So.....my future sis-in-law has a bun in the oven. The woman has been married 6 months and already she's poppin em out like it's the Indy 500.

Ignore me, I am jealous.

Everyone always figured Mike and I would have kids before Rae and John, considering they were on this "3 year plan" or whatever it was. They went and spoiled it. Damn.

Well, I am gonna be an aunt. Auntie Dani. How quaint. Wow. Wonder what it will be. And what they will name it. I'm kinda excited........underneath the jealousy.

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November 26th, 2005

12:17 am
My Turkey Day rocked. Got phone calls from everyone under the sun who lives out-of-state. Cleaned my room, then Mike came over and we ate a little here. Then we went to his house and spent time with the 40 something people that were there. Brought our engagement pics and let everyone oooooh and ahhhh and tell us how awesome we look together (since we do). My family came over his house later for dessert. Then, John and Rachel asked if we wanted to go see Walk The Line, and of course, we said hell yes! The movie was gonna start at 10:20, so to kill time, Mike and I went out to the Yucapan (sp?) with his drunk uncles, Bob and Sam..........yes. I know. Hickville USA. We went four wheeling, tore shit up back there, and almost got ourselves killed, since Mike tried to run over a sign that he swears he KNEW was there, but couldn't figure out if it actually WAS. No, he was not drunk...lol. He just needs glasses badly and won't get his eyes checked. So, we went back to his uncle's house pretty torn up, and got in his truck (which smelled like beer thanks to Bob and Sam) and drove to AMC to meet John and Rachel and Jamie. Saw the movie. Was really good. Went home. Got home at 2, and began to scour the shopping ads, since we were gonna go shopping at 5 in the morning when all the sales started. We left my house at 4:30, got to WalMart at 5. Then Target. Then Old Navy. And Best Buy. And Linens 'n'Things. Toys 'R Us. Then KMart. Then every damn store in the mall. Got home at 1:00, completely wiped, but accomplished, since we now only have 9 people left to buy for. And believe me, that is a far cry less than we had. Spent almost $1000 today. Took a 5 hour nap. Now I am sitting here (still tired) but even happier because not only have we bought almost all our presents, but I just wrapped them all. So THAT is done too.

Damn, I am awesome.
Damn, life rocks.
Damn, Damn, Damn!!!


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November 12th, 2005

02:58 pm - ::dusts off her hands::
Finally got some stuff off my chest today that I have been wanting to get off for a while. People can only tell you so much crap that someone says before you have to stand up for yourself. I've been the "better person" for too long now, and I feel much better now that I've told Preston where to go with his OLD "poor me, pity me" routine. I'm tired of hearing how everything bad in his life relates back to me, as though I am his sole source of unhappiness. If that be the case at....5 months later, then he is even more pathetic than originally surmised. I am happy. He is not. Good things happen to GOOD PEOPLE. Maybe one day he'll grasp that on his own (since he never listened when I tried to tell him) and work on bettering himself instead of bitching nonstop about how unfair everything is. ::shrugs:: One can only hope. Aigh, out!
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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November 2nd, 2005

07:09 am
Mh, yay for Halloween at Jen's house!

All in all, my life has been uneventful. Go to work, come home (or go to Mike's). Go to sleep. Wake up the next morning and do it all over again. Now, normally I hate routine, but this is sort of comforting...weird. Also, I figured out that he and I have not been apart a single day since we got together (except for those 2 weeks I went to WA). Now, normally, with anyone else, I would want to kill them if I spent all that time with them. But somehow, he is different.

Heh. yeahhhhhhhh. Gettin married, cuzzzzzzzzzzz. March 17th be our date, and we're haulin ass to get everything done. bah!


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October 30th, 2005

09:17 pm
Hm. Today was very good, methinks. Got up early (kinda sucked) cuz I forgot to set my clock back. Mike got up early, got to my house about 7:30, and we made out in my driveway for a good 10 mins.
Drove to his church.
Saw his ex there and decided to be nice to her. Must be the Christmas season feeling starting up in me, but I felt generous.
Helped cook for the picnic.
Ate food at the picnic.
Went home and changed.

Heh.....heh....got some. ::cheers::

Went to a birthday party.
Went to the mall. Exchanged sister's Cinderella costume for Tinkerbell. Returned a pair of $100 shoes that should have never been purchased.
Bought Benny and Joon and Mulan, since dumb ex boyfriend has the latter of the two.
Went to Publix to get ingredients for Wassail.
Came home. Made Wassail and Spice Bar with mom and Mike.
Played in the flour =-)
Sat on my car in the chilly air, drinking Wassail and making out with my honey.
Sent him packing, since I have to get up tomorrow for work. Damn it.

I GET TO SEE MY KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missed them. Fuck you, Wilma.
Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
Current Music: Because of You- Kelly Clarkson

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October 26th, 2005

09:05 am - Fuck you, Wilma
Hm, coldness.......::dances happily:: I love cold weather. It rocks. Fat chicks need cold ::grin:: Anyhow, we lost power for 2 days, and with it being as cold as it has been, I thought my snakes were gonna die b/c their heat lamp was useless with no power. BUT, the power is back on today, and all is well. Hurrah! Mh, what else? Looking forward to Halloween. Jen, Kat, are we still doing something together? I dunno cuz Kat moved again and I have not talked to her.

Mkay, enough beating around the bush. I'm now gonna do something very unexpected. Ready?

This is to Preston (b/c thanks to Jen, I KNOW he still reads it)
I am sorry that I wrote those nasty things about you.

Mkay. There. I felt lowered to his level when I did that, so i felt the urge to apologize. Mkkkkakyy.....me gonna go.


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October 15th, 2005

11:26 am
Saw Corpse Bride last night.
Tim Burton is a freaking genius. I am buying that as soon as it comes to DVD.
Bought a portable DVD player....that rocks too. My kids at work love it. =-)
Got new phones with my honey last night, some high tech doobie thing. I love having money.
My fiance is amazing beyond all words in bed.
That is really all there is to report.

Current Mood: tiredtired

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October 8th, 2005

10:20 am
Hm, so I aalmost died last night.

No, really.

I almost died last night.

Turns out I had a dormant latex allergy (which makes sense, b/c my mom, Corey, and Aaron are all allergic to it) but I'd never had a problem with it. Well, for the last few days at work, I'd been itching like crazy whenever I would change my kids, and I thought maybe it was the fiber from the pullups and diapers that were settling on my skin and making me itch. Well, yesterday at work, I started breaking out in hives all over my body, and my tongue and mouth were itching really badly, so I figured out that I must have an allergy to the latex, but at that moment it wasn't really horrible, just kinda itchy. Well, I went to Mike's house after work, and by the time we got there, I was itching so bad I was in tears. I mean, I had hives EVERYWHERE. And I do mean everywhere. So I jumped in the shower, turned it on scalding, and that helped slightly. However, when I got out, it started back up all over again. So, I went out and sprayed some cortaid on me, and took 2 Benedryl. That didn't help either. At 8:00 Mike went to take me home so I could lay down, and when we got to his car it felt like I couldn't breathe. Then I COULDN'T breathe. I've never seen a grown man in tears, hauling ass to the hospital so fast. He was on the phone with my mom and everything. So I was rushed to the emergency room and triaged right away. They saw how bad my breathing had gotten and the noise that was happening from the effort of it, and they ran me down the hall, jammed an IV in my arm, and pumped me full of more Bendryl, Epinepherine, and some sodioglucate stuff. Something like that.

Then, when I was finally calm, and able to breathe without feeling like I was dying, they shoved fucking tubes down my nose. Like that is gonna help! It hurt so bad.

All in all, it was a very looong night. Mike took me back to my house and sat next to my bed the whole night, and didn't get a single wink of sleep. I love him so much.

So yeah, that was my exciting night last night. Hot Friday night date, eh? LOL. I'm okay now tho, 'cept my arm is bruised from where they put the IV in, but that is the worst of it. So, all in all, I can't used the latex gloves anymore, and I have to be careful changing my kids becuase of the latex used in pullups.

Yay Danielle.

I'm off to go shopping. Later!
Current Mood: Thankful to be alive

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