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Prego!!!!!!!!!!! - Merry meet and merry part.........

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July 23rd, 2006

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04:57 pm - Prego!!!!!!!!!!!
H'okay, so, if anybody still gives a crap enough to check up if I update, you will get to find this out:

I am having a baby! I am approximately 14 weeks pregnant. TOTALLY wasn't planned, but hey....some of the best things in life come as a surprise. A month and a half from now, I will get to find out what the baby is, which is really exciting. Everyone is telling me it is going to be a girl, but I figure if they keep doing that, (if my child ends up being anything like me and Michael) it will be the complete opposite just to spite everyone. LOL. It's been a really easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, just some first trimester fatigue. If it ends up being a girl, the name is going to either be Gabrielle Margaret-Francis or Avalon Jade. If it is a boy, it's going to be Micah Christopher or William Stephan. SOOO....just wanted to update for the hell of it. Anyhow, gonna go and take a nap. Been out all day. Later!

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