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SUCCESS! - Merry meet and merry part.........

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July 20th, 2015

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02:50 pm - SUCCESS!
This past month has been quite amazing. Specifically the past week. In this past week, we received the paperwork for our new home, with option to buy in there as well.

Saturday, I went for an meeting/interview with the owner of a spa and salon in Merchant's Crossing. It turns out she wants much more than an employee. She offered me, basically, a leadership role in her spa. She wants me to take over the entire spa therapies aspect, which means I get to order what I want, use what I want, work when I want... I can hardly believe my luck! This, on top of gaining two new clients for massage. So I have 3 "regular" clients now!

I feel like this is what is supposed to happen when you begin doing what you love to do, what your passion is, instead of listening to others who say it is not a good idea and you should not do it. I love this feeling of taking control of my own life. I love knowing that I did this. I have made it this far, and regardless of the bad things, the rough spots, I am still standing. It was so rough there for awhile. It still is, with the Michael/Nikki issues, but those are not every day things, so I can handle them in spurts. ANd as long as I keep doing what I love, and trying to be a good person, I have a feeling I will still be standing even when the waters get choppy again. I just want to bottle this feeling. I want to be able to recall the way it feels to be this buoyed, and use it to revive myself when the waters get rough again (since that is life, and they will) and remind myself that this too shall pass, and the euphoria you experience when you make it through to the other side is TOTALLY worth the ride.

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