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November 23rd, 2006

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05:23 pm - New post......
It's been a few months since I posted, but I figured I would just for shits and giggles. I'm not really on here much anymore (MySpace has taken over my life) but for those who do still care enough to read this.....this is for you!

I only have 9 weeks left of my pregnancy. That is absolutely insane. It is a girl, and her name is Avalon Jade (Ava, for short). So, in 9 more weeks (possibly less!!) I will be a full-time mom, and Michael a full-time dad. He's going to be a wonderful father; he's so great with kids, and has so many siblings, like me.

My life has been awesome and on the right track ever since I started dating and married Michael. And to think I almost missed out on this amazing love. I never knew that it was possible to care so much about someone else's feelings more than your own, and actually WANT to put their desires above yours. AND, to want to be faithful to someone....that is new for me. I've gotten bored and unhappy in past relationships, and quit caring about that person and wanting to do what made me feel good at the time. I can't even IMAGINE wanting to be with anyone else, ever. The thought of it makes me sick. He works so hard and puts so much effort into making me happy that I can't help but want to do the same for him. Our lives are amazing, and we are amazing together.

We're moving into a four bedroom house when our lease is up in March at our apartment, which is great because there will be SO MUCH more room for us, our dog, our cat....and our new baby. It's in NFM instead of the Cape, which is GREAT, b/c I hate the Cape. Even tho we live in a good part of it (Off Coronado) people are just too damn nosy out there. SOOOOOO...things are winding up! My life has begun.

And for the first, and only time in my life, I am happy.

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